Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Technical Difficulty? Is the issue listed below –

  • Potential Issue 1: I’m not getting the verification eMail!
  • Fix > Check your eMail SPAM folder… Being a New and Unknown site, sometimes this gets sent to junk mail file.
  • Potential Issue 2: The time of my Auction is not reflected correctly as My Time Zone
  • Fix > Go to My Account / Select Personal Preferences / Select Profile / Select your Time Zone and click Update at the bottom of the page.
  • Potential Issue 3: I’m not getting Courtesy Reminders or I want to turn off Reminder Texts
  • Fix > Go to My Account / Select Personal Preferences / Select Profile / Enter or Delete your the Contact Number from SMS Messaging. Note: Payment processing requires a contact number but SMS can be left blank.

Still having a problem?… Contact Us in the footer at the bottom of this page… we respond quickly

Feature Auction

General Questions:

Q: Why do you need my Phone Number?

A: As a courtesy, we send text messages to remind you of Auctions you Registered to Participate in. We also let you know if your bid is in jeopardy. At your option, this can be discontinued or changed in Personal Preferences.

Q: Do you share of sell my private information?

A: Absolutely NOT. Please check our Privacy Link in the Footer to see just how serious we are about that.

Q: How does this site differ from other online auction sites?

A: It differs in every way imaginable! First of all, we insist that you have the opportunity to make well informed purchase decisions therefore, the products we offer are accurately represented. We include manufacturer supplied images, manufacturer supplied descriptions and/or specifications if available and we reference the actual retail price of the item being offered. These products are fully backed by the Manufacturer Warranty unless stated otherwise in the description.

Note: Our ultimate objective is to provide best value to our customers. While initially inventory may be limited, as we grow so to will the variety of available products. We are so committed to this end, our priority is this 1) offer merchandise at a lower price, 2) match the price (even take a slight loss if necessary) or 3) find alternate products that represent a good quality alternative at a lower price.

Q: What is a Feature Auction?

A: The Feature Auction is our Premier Auction Venue. It was designed specifically to provide an opportunity for our customers to acquire showcased merchandise through competitive bid auctions that by design are intended to begin and end in hours rather than days. In our venue, bidders select the item of interest, pay a very small registration fee to be included as one of a fixed maximum number of bidders, and then compete to be the winning bidder. The User account is debited a single token with each bid placed. All bids must be placed before a bid timer expires. Once the timer expires, the auction is ended. In all cases, the highest bid received before time expires will be determined to be the successful bidder.

Q: What is a Feature Token?

A: Feature Tokens and Bid Credits used in Fast Auctions perform an identical function and differ only in how the proceeds from credit and token purchases are treated. Primarily, these devices are employed as a safety measure to prevent prices from being artificially inflated from insincere bidding (as there is a small cost associated with their use). Whereas any profit from the sale of bid credits is directed to fund worthwhile causes such as Humanitarian Aid, Environmental Clean up or preventing Animal Cruelty and Abuse, revenue generated in the sale of Feature tokens along with associated Registration fees collected in reserving a seat at any given auction are first applied to cover the purchase price of the item being offered.

Q: Why are Registration fees required to participate in Feature Auctions?

A: Unlike other Auctions that permit thousands or even tens of thousands to participate, we limit accessibility to a very small number of interested bidders. In doing this, competition is greatly reduced thereby making the opportunity to become the successful bidder substantially greater. Typically, an auction automatically schedules to go LIVE as soon as enough interest is generated to cover roughly 70% of the retail cost of the item and registration is capped by a maximum number of possible bidders.

Q: What is Bidder Elimination?

A: Our Auctions are designed to have a relatively short life cycle. Reserving a seat at an auction only guarantees that you have access to that specific auction. At 30 minutes after the start of the auction, anyone who has failed to login is automatically eliminated. Beginning at 31 minutes in to the auction and every minute thereafter*, the system identifies the single bidder with the longest period of inactivity and eliminates them as well. Notable Exceptions: Any Bidder who has engaged the Auto Bid Feature is automatically logged in and the system will bid for them to prevent elimination for inactivity so long as the Token Balance and Maximum Bid Amount set by the bidder is not exceeded.

*Automatic System Elimination is deactivated when no more than 20 bidders remain.

Q: Does the “System” prevent the site from taking a loss from insufficient bidders or bid activity?

A: NO. In every Auction, there exists the possibility that could in fact lose money on the item being offered.

Q: If two or more people bid at the same time, what determines the order of bids received?

A: The system was designed to respond instantly and was developed based on an atomic clock with local time sensitivity. All calculations and processes take place automatically in milliseconds. The system sequences bids placed “as received by the system” and the determination by the system is final.

Q: How do I know when there are only 2 bidders remaining?

A: LOL… You don’t.

Q: If I win, when do you ship the merchandise?

A: Orders are processed immediately upon final payment of the amount bid. Shipping is subject to carrier scheduling but is not likely to happen before the first business day following a weekend or holiday.

Q: If I do not win the Auction, …do I get money spent on bidding back?

A: Money spent purchasing Feature Tokens and Bid Credits is non-refundable however, you never lose value in the purchase of those devices. A Point System similar to that used by the old trading stamp companies was incorporated in our design to secure your investment. A credit of 1 point for every 10¢ spent is added to your point balance. The accumulation of points allows our customers to choose merchandise from our Point Redemption Catalog. Note: Shipping can not be paid in points.

Q: How do I contact you if I have a question?

A: In the Footer of this page, select the Contact Us link…