How the Featured Auction works…

First, the “Feature Auction” is purposely limited in size to provide the best possible opportunity to our bidders, as such only a small predetermined number of registrants may participate in any auction event. You must register in advance for any auction. Our auction employs an automated elimination protocol, – see elimination below.. These are LIVE Auctions created to be entertaining, relatively fast paced and strategically aggressive.

Unlike our competitors, every one of our auctions includes the potential liability for us to take a loss.

Additionally, our format is designed to begin and end in hours not days.

You should also know a portion of any profit is earmarked for charity.

Added Value every dollar spent purchasing bid tokens is matched in point values. Accumulation of these points provide an opportunity to select most of the same items offered at auction from our Point Redemption Catalog. (shipping is not included through the points redemption process).

Elimination is a real possibility!

  • If you fail to login in the first 30 minutes and did not engage the Autobid feature, you will be eliminated.
  • At 31 minutes after the Auction begins, 1 random bidder will be automatically eliminated every 60 seconds.
  • If your maximum bid amount or supply of tokens has been exceeded and the system randomly calls on you to bid, you will be eliminated.
  • As the auction draws to a close, the elimination protocol is suspended so that ONLY the highest bid will ensure a fair winner.

The winning bidder will NEVER pay more than 80% of the full retail price for that item.

Hence, our trademarked slogan “If it sounds to good too be true… It’s Gidatang!“.

  • To get started, you only need to create your account
  • Select Register Now… provide your email address, create a password, signify that you agree to our terms of service and click submit.
  • You will receive an email to verify the email address is real. Click the link provided and Log in... should you not receive this eMail, check your SPAM folder! We are New and Unknown therefore the email may be mis-delivered.
  • (Recommended) To make the process as smooth and error free as possible, the first thing you will want to do is go to “My Account”. Under “My Account” you will see Personal Preferences… Completing your Profile, Addresses and Payment methods early will ensure the best possible experience in order to avoid delays entering data at a later time. We suggest taking a moment to enter your name, identify your local time zone, select password recovery questions / answers AND to enter both your phone and mobile device numbers. Mobile device notifications are necessary to receive courtesy updates pertaining any auction you choose to participate in. If you decide later that you don’t need these reminders, you can always go back and delete the number required for (SMS) text messaging.

Your Privacy is Paramount to us…

In the footer of this page is a link to Our Privacy Policy. In short, is says that We Value Privacy. We do not share or sell your private information except that which is minimally necessary to transact business specific to this site i.e., payment processing.

Note: For Credit Card information to be valid, your billing and shipping address is required. Rest at ease that we DO NOT store Credit Card information on our servers. We use a system called Tokenization which is an encryption service provided by the Card Service Provider therefore, only the last 4 digits of the card on file is displayed and then only for your convenience.

In all auctions, the last bid received before time expires WILL BE declared the successful bidder.

We wish you well in your pursuit and remind you to please bid responsibly!