Our Grand “New” Introduction

Get a thing on Gidatang… Pronounced; /Gid-ə-Tāng/

Gidatang.com is a Brand New eCommerce platform that promises to be unlike anything you’ve seen before. We are beginning our service with the introduction of our Feature Auction and will be rolling out a variety of other auction formats as well as our Gidatang Store in the very near future.

  • We provide a very unique opportunity to acquire carefully selected merchandise then Guarantee that the winning bidder will never pay more than 80% of full retail on that auctioned item.
  • We offer low cost bidding backed by automatic point allocation to ensure no value is lost in the bid process. Points can be redeemed in our Points only catalog.
  • We employ an elimination protocol that ensures an equal opportunity to all bidders.

Our Feature Auction is unique. Unlike other online auctions where you have virtually no hope in succeeding, this one is different! First, it restricts the number of bidders on any given auction in such a way as to intentionally limit competition. Then, purposely starts eliminating participants based on a set of predefined rules that ultimately are intended to reduce auction run time.

Now, it does require that you pay a small registration fee (usually about $1 for every $500 in item value). This reserves one of a very limited number of predetermined seats for that venue. So you know, this fee is applied to help cover the cost of the item being auctioned. You’ll also need to purchase tokens in order to place bids. Bid Tokens purchases make up the difference in what registration fees don’t cover in costs. Rest assured, there is no value lost to the bidder because the amount paid for tokens is matched in points which allow you to redeem merchandise from a points only catalog (you only pay the shipping charges in Points Catalog selections).

It is important to Us that you feel good about your decision. So, knowing that a significant portion of the proceeds are directed to worthwhile causes is part and parcel to our process. Even while we are operating as a for profit organization, we want you to rest assured that your contribution will also applied support a very noble call to action which includes environmental cleanup, humanitarian aid, animal protection and cancer research just to name a few.

Our processes may be a little different than what you’ve become accustomed to! We re-instituted some old fashion ideals and included a few new concepts. All this while maintaining a solid core of ethics and very principled behavior. Now, we’re not going to layout the whole kit and caboodle at this exact moment, but let it suffice to say that we care about the world we live in and are dedicated to taking steps in a new direction.

Please take time to read the documents in our drop down menu. Here you will find an overview of the Auction as well as a section on Frequently Asked Questions. We wish you tremendous success in your endeavors and hope you will enjoy the site.

We cordially invite you to register now! In creating an account you may begin to enjoy the competition including the possibility of walking away with fantastic carefully selected merchandise.