Next on Deck…

With so many new venues in the pipeline, we thought it might be a good idea to let you know a little about what is coming up next. As you may have read, we have several new eCommerce venues planned for release in the months ahead. So we though this might be a good way to keep you informed as we spread our wings.

The second venue we are releasing (hopefully around the end of the year) is our Fast Auction. Unlike the Feature Auctions, you won’t need to pay a registration fee to secure a seat for these auctions. While the Feature Auction tends to be more along the line of luxury items, the Fast Auction will represent desirable quality products which are typically sold for $75 or less.

What make’s this format unique, is that our Fast Auction will display random items from a pool of carefully selected merchandise in our inventory however, it will only display them for 30 to 60 seconds before the opportunity disappears. That is unless someone places an initial bid! With each bid that is placed, the bid timer will reset and the count down timer will wind down until it reaches 0:00. If you were the sole bidder, the price you pay is the amount of your initial bid (shipping fees may apply)… Only, for our sake… we hope there is more than one bid.

All the items selected for this venue are carefully chosen based on value and are offered for such a low price, we have to believe interest will be overwhelming. Generally speaking, the items should all be in the $5 to $75 price range. Just as is with Tokens in the Feature Auctions, Bid Credits will be required to place bids in this one. Each bid credit cost 10¢ and has a point value of 1 point. Points can still be accumulated to redeem merchandise from our Point Redemption Catalog with the distinction that any profit derived from Bid Credit sales in excess of the retail value of that item are earmarked for Charity.

So feel good about your purchases here.