Our Policy on Privacy

This policy was updated December 30, 2019

This site is CCPA and CalOPPA Compliant.

In every respect, and as a matter of principle, Gidatang.com is opposed to any practice that unfairly monetizes a person’s most sensitive and personally identifying information including redistribution of that information without the individual’s knowledge.  So, first and foremost, we want you to know that we do not share or sell your personally identifying information in any way, shape, fashion or form therefore you do not need to opt out.

In fact, Gidatang.com Inc takes the security of our Account Holder information so seriously that without exception, only the minimally necessary identifying information required to effect specific authorizations granted to us by you are provided to other institutions such as our Credit Card Processor and then only for the purpose of facilitating a specific action or necessary actions.  To that end, you can be confident that even before being signed into law, we were then and are still committed to providing the most secure eCommerce environment possible. 

We may use very limited forms of data technology to enhance your experience while on the site.  In saying this, we mean that we may use your selections or internal search queries to align our content with your personal preferences only.  For example, if you tend to look at items related to outdoor activities, we want to tailor your experience by providing offers of similar or related items.  Furthermore, if you are looking for particular offers of goods and services, the result will based on your indicated geographic location or preference.  In every instance, this information is internal and again, is not sold or shared outside the confines of this site.

We may also use technology for the purpose of security by identifying unusual patterns related to your account which may give us cause for alarm.  This includes logging access by device IP addresses.  Should anyone attempt to access your account from an unrecognized device, we may request verification that it is you accessing the account. This service is purely for your protection.

Our bottom line is that we have no interest in storing or processing data unnecessary to the function of the site.

Information Collected or Received:

In the course of providing our Services to you, it is necessary to obtain certain types of information.  We collect specific information for the purposes of Identification, Notification, Shipping and Payment however, we may also ask a few additional questions purely for the purpose of providing extra services.  An example would be asking optional information like your date of birth (Month and Day Only).  In this instance, our purpose is simply so that we may wish you a  happy birthday and/or extend our gratitude in the form of an extra special offer.

Other Information (by permission only)

If we ask information related to Social Media Accounts, your participation is voluntary and may be disabled through My Account under personal preferences. If enabled, this information is requested for the sole purpose that we may reward you should you voluntarily provide a Social Media referral to this site.  This service is provided in the form of a unique code being assigned to your account. Sharing that code will allow us to credit the account who provided he referral.  At any time, you have the option to grant or deny permissions with respect to any type of access.

Should you have further concern or specific questions regarding any personal or private information secured on this site , please contact us at info@gidatang.com and we will be happy to address those questions and concerns.

Please be further advised that you have full authority regarding your personal or private information through My Account. Additionally, you may at anytime, request that your account be deleted in entirety.

Jeffery S. Smith, Sr ~ Gidatang.com