Refunds, Returns, Replacement and Exchange Policy

Before we delve in to the “whys and hows” of this policy, we’d like to first ensure everyone that while strict and a little unforgiving, Our Refund, Returns, Replacement and Exchange Policy is a best practice designed to benefit the greater majority of our members. We only ask you to reserve judgement and weigh overall benefit against any perceived inconvenience. Our reasoning does limit your flexibility with regard to requesting a refund, returning merchandise, asking for a replacement or exchange however, this approach mitigates loss that would otherwise have to be spread over our entire line of merchandise. We’d rather provide reduced pricing when possible and in a way that is often much lower than what might be expected.

This is one area where we deviate from Status Quo, please let us explain our reasoning… was partly inspired by what we interpreted to be a lack of virtue, particularly in the world of eCommerce. Based on a particular set of principles and values which just aren’t as prevalent as they used to be, we have to face the reality that not everyone aligns themselves in the same degrees of honesty, integrity, character and other measures of personal value. To put it bluntly, it seems some have a very skewed interpretation and absolute inability to discern between right from wrong.

While it is unfortunate that “policy” has to be in established at all, we are reminded that we can only control that which we are responsible for so this is our pledge to you.

We pledge to always do our very best to accurately represent all merchandise offered through clear product photography, accurate product descriptions, manufacturer supplied data sheets and product specification information made available to us. This gives you the best possible criteria to make informed purchase decisions. Accordingly, we will review your feedback and make appropriate corrections to any descriptions that fail to project all available information. As well as publishing relevant product reviews, we appreciate your feedback… When possible, we will also provide links to video reviews and enhance assembly instructions when applicable.

Our General Policy:

Should we fail to describe the product accurately and adequately, misrepresent the item in any way or in some way make a mistake, you can rest assured we’ll make it right! We will always do that which is right as opposed to that which is convenient. Just know that we place a high value in building a relationship with you and will treat our customers fairly and with the respect deserved. Having said this, know that in any situation we will work to find an amicable resolution up to and including taking the item back.

At your option, you may always Contact Us at…

Our Refund / Returns Policy is fairly simple:

We don’t rent merchandise and we certainly don’t resell opened or “reconditioned” merchandise unless it is clearly identified as such. We can not say the same for our competitors or other online institutions. In many instances our margins are so thin that the simple act of paying postage twice creates a loss but this being said, we hope you’ll agree that this is both fair and reasonable. We encourage you to think about your purchase carefully before you place the order.

  1. If you break it, you bought it.
  2. If you use it, it’s yours
  3. If it has a defect, return it immediately. You must refer to the Manufacturer’s Warranty (within 7 days from date of delivery).

Note: For Health and Safety reasons, we DO NOT accept returns on merchandise considered to be Hazardous Waste. These are items of a personal nature that may have come in contact with skin, hair, nails, feet or body fluids such as sweat, urine, saliva, etc. This includes clothing, shoes, hair accessories or personal hygiene devices or products intimate in nature.

ALL AUCTION SALES ARE FINAL – Please understand that allowing any type of refund, return, replacement or exchange unfairly penalizes other bidders who may have been perfectly satisfied with the merchandise.

Our Online Store provides certain exceptions:

1) We will unconditionally refund or exchange any unopened catalog purchase less the cost of shipping, credit card processing fees provided the merchandise passes the return inspection process listed below and the item is returned unopened within 30 days of purchase.

2) We may conditionally accept an opened catalog item for return with a reasonable explanation from the purchaser in the form of a good will gesture for store credit only. Conditional returns are subject to approval based on your Account Health Status as well as Prior History and Return Authorization Validation. Return Shipping including tracking is the Responsibility of the Purchaser however, we will gladly reimburse costs in the form of promotional bid credits an amount equal to shipping costs when a photo of the shipping receipt is attached to the case file not to exceed published courier fees.

3) We will gladly replace any catalog merchandise sold with a manufacture defect (except ineligible merchandise) within 7 days of delivery confirmation.

You may also have other options:

Card Service Purchase Protection provided by Credit Card Service Providers may offer separate or additional protection. As part of the Terms of Service Agreement with your provider. These services often provide purchase protections which cover many issues that exceed seller limitations or are cover conditions beyond seller control. For instance, If GPS tracking software shows that an item was delivered to your address, but the package has been stolen or an item purchased has exceeded the duration outlined in our return policy, you may still be covered. Check with your Card Provider (links are provided below).



American Express

4) We will gladly replace any products that have been damaged, mis-delivered or lost in the mail provided shipping insurance and/or signature confirmation have been added at Checkout. These are options that are Highly Recommended by us… otherwise, we cannot be held liable for Courier Errors. These instances must be directed to the courier service providing delivery services. We will however, be happy to assist with your claim.

Returned Merchandise Authorization and Inspection: (This paragraph applies to All Return Merchandise).

In all instances, Authorization must be obtained by first sending an email requesting a Return Authorization (RA#) number through the Contact Us link in the footer of this page. You will be asked to complete a brief survey related to the returning purchased item. Return Authorization must be obtained within 30 calendar days of date of catalog purchase or returned within 7 days of the date of delivery in order to claim Manufacturer defect. Purchasers are responsible for shipping and tracking fees associated with return merchandise except conditions related to Manufacturer defect. In those instances, charges for return shipping and tracking will be credited back to the buyer’s account. Return shipping instructions will be provided with issuance of a RA#.

Be advise that products leave our warehouse in perfect condition therefore, all items processed for return are highly scrutinized for damage and are inspected to ensure that the return justification is validated. Beginning from the moment we are in receipt of the return merchandise and continuing throughout the entire authorization process, Returned Merchandise is cataloged, photographed and documented through video recording. All items are inspected with a corresponding checklist to validate the complete return of complete contents to ensure Manufacturer credit for the defective item. This includes packing materials, product literature and protective covers. Be Advised particular attention is applied to identify damage or signs of tampering. Our technician inspects for missing or broken parts and/or pieces, including stripped or missing screws, marks, scratches, cracks, dents, mismatched serial numbers or other signs of wear. These issues may void any warranty we have with Distributors and Manufacturers and potentially indicate use, abuse or tampering that void reasonable care responsibilities related to warranty or return policies.

Automatic Warranty exclusions:

Should the words “As is” or “Ineligible for Return” appear at the bottom of the product Description Display, we will not accept those items for return. Not all merchandise is covered through Manufacturer Warranty. Repairs not covered by Warranty plus associated re-shipping fees on unqualified returns is the responsibility of the consumer. Shipping insurance is highly recommended.

Insurance and Waivers –We do not require Shipping insurance and/or Signature confirmation on most packages. However, should you choose to ignore our suggestion and pass on the advice given, understand you may be accepting the associated risks.


If shipping insurance and/or signature confirmation is purchased and the item arrives in damaged condition, REFUSE DELIVERY!

Contact us immediately for replacement.

Once we have had the opportunity to verify shipping and tracking detail that the item was refused, we will resend the item immediately. If your order required a signature at delivery but was delivered without obtaining that signature, record opening that parcel using video. It may be the only proof you have to initiate a claim.

In some instances, video and photographic evidence may be the only proof you have. Courier rules and regulations often require that damaged containers are opened and inspected in their presence to qualify for insurance compensation. Once seals are broken, Refunds, Returns, Exchanges and Replacement are often left to their discretion.

Finally, our focus is to minimize unnecessary liabilities and pass those savings on to you. It is our sincere hope that we have fully addressed the issue of returns, refunds, replacement and exchanges and sincerely hope you understand why this policy exists.

I would very much like to thank you for giving us an opportunity to provide our services to you. Should you require any clarification, assistance with any claim or have any other questions, please email us