Seller Opportunities

One of the greatest accomplishments and measures of success we can envision is providing opportunity to others wanting to join us in pursuit of the greater good.

Our logic is simple and uncomplicated

We will provide the best Value represented by the highest Quality possible at the most reasonable price available and then follow through by acting with Integrity!

If this sounds like something you can get behind, we look forward to a mutually beneficial business association and would love to hear from you.

A little about us…

We are very enthusiastic about our up coming Store… With this new venue, we want to extend an open invitation as well as the reach of our developing platform to include anyone with similar aspirations. Having said as much, we are looking for those of you wanting, willing and interested in selling on a site that will demonstrate this same passion.

Here, profit is NOT the primary motivator… we feel there are too many out there who are reaching for the last dime in the pockets of society and that society has had enough of it. What we are looking for are those who are content making a fair return and doing so by honoring what seemingly has become an outdated or antiquated as a way of doing business. Our site is all about being reasonable and decent and we demand the same from both our Sellers and Buyers alike. In exchange, we are happy to provide exclusivity to our Sellers in a very accommodating program that we think you will appreciate.

Interested Sellers should Contact Us through the contact link in the footer for a more detail explanation of Seller Benefits on this platform.


Jeffery S. Smith, Sr ~